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SWERTE understood as one's predetermined lot in life, or simply one's luck. It is the mentally behind the Filipino's lack of initiative and foresight. It explains the do nothing or do little attitude that produce an unwarranted sense of dependence on the dole out or awa of fate or God.

One of my friend tell me about this story. I just wanna share it as part of our Filipino attitude or Legacy.
Sheila lifted a finger to her lips. "Be quiet, Jester!" she said. "Don't you see? I'm reviewing for our next exam this afternoon."
It was the first periodical examination of classes. As a sophomore student, Sheila was not a new to the noise of the lobby, which student make especially during recess.
Jester laughed, his voice loud and irritating. "Exam? We will have another exam this afternoon?" Sheila glanced over at her classmate. "Yes! Didn't you hear teacher Marie announce it yesterday?
"Of course heard it. I'm not deaf," Jester said, holding his ears.
"I'm sure you reviewed your notes already."
"Reviewed my notes? No way! "I'm not worried at all." It will be very easy. It's a matter of luck." Sheila was amazed, "Luck? Do you believed that?"
"Yeah! How about you?"
She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't believed that! But I respect your ideas."
The bell rang. Recess time was over. Students rushed to their respective rooms.
Jester and Sheila had been classmate since first year high school. While their Math class was going on, Sheila couldn't concentrate on the teacher's lecture. She kept looking at Jester, thinking about what he told her about "luck". Her musings were interrupted when the class was dismissed. Her classmates jostled their way out and raced toward the school cafeteria. She immediately got up from her seat and walk directly to the cafeteria for lunch.
"Full of half serving?" the server asked Sheila, pointing to the vegetables salad in front of her.
"Please give me half of that salad, thanks." She carried her tray to the table near the wall, said a little prayer, and began to eat. Sheila was glad when Jester came and shared the table with her. She would have the opportunity to change Jester's attitude.
"Are you ready for our examination this afternoon?" Sheila asked. Jester just smiled and continued eating his lunch, but Sheila wouldn't give up. I never saw you open your notes or review and study them. I know your not like this before. You're no longer the diligent friend I once knew."
"Mind your own business, Sheila, "Jester said. "I just wanna to rest my mind now. It's a matter of luck. We have classmates who passed the subject without studying," he reasoned out.
"So you're following them? You know, Jester, it's not enough that you pass the subject. You can do more than that." She glanced at her watch; it was already 1:00 p.m., 30 minutes befoer their exams. She got up and excused herself.
In the classroom she saw Jester sitting at the back. After their exams, Jester presented his paper to Sheila. Out of 50 questions, he got 46 correct answers. "I told good fortune is with me," he saiad. Sheila remained unconvinced. For her, it still pays to be diligent. Luck is out of her mind. Every time they had an examinations or quizzes, she studied and reviewed for them. The time came when the firts rading card were released.
The names of the top 10 students were posted on the bulletin board. Jester's name, which used to be there, was nowhere to be found. Sheila saw his report card and his grades were just enough to pass the course. On the second grading examination, he failed two of his subjects.
One day morning, Jester's mother met Sheila's in the market. Aling Caring confided problem in the scholl to Sheila's mother. "My son failed two of his subjets," she started. "Why?" asked Sheila's mom. "Did you remind him to study his lessons?" I did! Aling Caring's answered. "I went to the school yesterday. I met your daughter on the way. She told me that jester believed that luck would help him in his studies," she said halfcrying. Why not talk to him? Explain to him that luck has nothing to do with getting grades or passing his subjects. He needs hard work, patience, and diligence, Sheila's mother advised.
Aling Caring followed the advice. Gradually, Jester's garde improved. He made it to the list of the top 10 students again. Not long afterward, Jester approached Sheila and said, Thank you very much for your concern. Now, I realize that luck has nothing to do with what we wanted to achieved, even with our grades. What i need is hard work, patience and diligence."
Sheila smiled, feeling vry happy. Not knowing that Jester is also the guy that she will be married..Now, they husband and wife and not just believing in "Luck"....

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